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Dear Investors;
Regarding the positions taken by some investors, which can be defined as abuse of goodwill, determined by the infrastructure works conducted within ATLANTIK Forex;

The amount of positive balance called “BONUS”, known as margin support and reflected to the investor’s account on a percentage basis compared to the investment, can be found in the account / accounts according to the investor’s request. As per Company Policy; Although it is not appropriate for investors / investors to take hedge positions, in other words to perform “Bonus Arbitrage”, by performing reverse transactions through different companies / brokerage houses according to the account / accounts defined as “BONUS”, it is prohibited.
If it will be explained with an example;

Account A and Account B over two reference accounts (general sampling);
Opening EURUSD 1 LOT SELL ON ACCOUNT, EURUSD 1 LOT BUY IN ACCOUNT B is a prohibited situation and is considered as BONUS ARBITRAGE.

These and similar transactions are examined, audited and continuously matched by the “ATLANTIK Forex Risk Management Department” using advanced technology infrastructure.

Even in accounts belonging to different parties, matches are routinely made over the algorithmic trading strategy and accounts with a conflict are blocked.
With regard to the risk warning notification that cannot be controlled by the advanced technological infrastructure system; In case this rule is exceeded through different institutions, it is kept under control by the “ATLANTIK Forex Risk Management Department”, and in case of detection, the investment account / accounts are blocked.

In this text, the ATLANTIK Forex Risk Management Department clearly informed about “Bonus Arbitrage”.